A modern Ofuro hot tub or a wood-fired cast-iron vat?

Сучасна купіль Офуро або чавунний чан на дровах

If you have been to the Carpathians, then you are probably familiar with local traditions. In particular, we have heard about the popular Carpathian cast-iron cauldron on wood in the open air. Such constructions are in great demand in many resorts: every guest or tourist tries to take a hot vat of herbs on the street.

Despite the continuing popularity of this attraction, recently wood-fired vats have been “pressing” the modern fonts of Ofuro. What can such wood-fired fonts offer and why are more and more people seeking to purchase Ofuro for personal use?

Why choose Ofuro hot tub

This kind of fonts came to us from the East. Ofuro is a traditional Japanese bath barrel made from cedar, larch or other wood and is externally heated. Inside, along the perimeter, the font is equipped with special benches: it is customary to take procedures while sitting.

Please note that the water level in a traditional Ofuro font should always be below the chest to reduce the load on the heart. The optimum water temperature is considered to be around 45 ° C, which is quite “extreme” for many beginners. At the same time, the Japanese themselves consider the optimal time for taking the procedure no more than 10 minutes.

Experts believe that traditional Ofuro hot tubs are very beneficial for the body at any age. Among their benefits:

  • general toning of the body;
  • stimulation of blood circulation;
  • improving the supply of internal organs with oxygen;
  • relieve stress and fatigue;
  • effective fight against neuroses and insomnia;
  • treatment of many chronic diseases;
  • relief of symptoms of arthritis and arthrosis;
  • strengthening immunity and so on.

Modern Ofuro hot tubs can be quickly mounted in any convenient and suitable place. They are equipped with all the necessary accessories: steps, a thermal cover, a separate chimney, aqua massage systems.

Cast iron vats look rather old-fashioned in comparison: they are not so convenient to use and require a huge amount of firewood to heat water. It is extremely uncomfortable to sit in the vat: its design does not provide for this.

Cast iron requires attention and care, otherwise the material may well rust and fail. No hydromassage is provided in the case of a vat, and installation will require maximum effort: a stone base is needed, which will be quite expensive.

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