Buy hot tubs with wood burning for a bath and a street

“Vesuvio comfort” woodfired hot tub

Font nameVesuvio comfort
Barrel shaperound
Vat dimensions (cm) Ø 180
Overall height (cm)110
Vat depth (cm)100
Sheathing materiallining
Hot tub weight (kg)120
Number of people3-4
Boiler powerInternal 15 kW
Old price 1790 euro

from 1500 €

“Vesuvio” woodfired hot tub

Font nameVesuvio
Barrel shaperound
Vat dimensions (cm) Ø 180
Overall height (cm)110
Vat depth (cm)100
Sheathing materiallining
Hot tub weight (kg)125
Number of people4-6
Boiler power15 kWt

from 1790 €

Wood fired vat "Elbrus"

Font nameЕlbrus
Barrel shapeoctagonal
Vat dimensions (cm)180х180
Overall height (cm)110
Vat depth (cm)100
Sheathing materiallining
Hot tub weight (kg)150
Number of people4-8
Boiler power15 kWt

from 2250 €

Heated Jacuzzi ”Etna”

Font nameEtna
Barrel shaperectangular
Vat dimensions (cm)200х170
Overall height (cm)110
Vat depth (cm)100
Sheathing materialThermoWood
Hot tub weight (kg)170
Number of people6-8
Boiler power30 kWt

from 4150 €

Do you want to enjoy outdoor water treatments regardless of the season? In this case, buying a heated wooden hot tub is a great solution. This hot tub is popular in many countries where bathing traditions are strong, because what could be more pleasant than plunge into warm water, experience relaxation from the effects of soothing jets and relieve tension in the whole body!

In our online store you can buy a hot tub for installation in a private house, sauna or hotel at the best prices.

What is a wood-fired hot tub? This type of mini-pool is often called a barrel for a bath, and you can buy it both for your own needs and for business purposes. A shallow hot tub allows several adults to plunge into clean, warm water at once. In addition to such a hot tub, you can also buy a device for air massage and hydromassage – in this case, you will buy a real wood-fired Jacuzzi, ready to work in the open air. Add aromatic compositions to the water, install a bar counter – and a pleasant pastime for you and your loved ones is guaranteed.

The design of such a font consists of the vat itself and the boiler, which provides heating. A special filter is responsible for the purity of the water, and the material of the font is completely environmentally friendly. You can buy a bath tub in three available versions – the models “Elbrus”, “Etna” and “Vesuvius” are offered to your attention. Each of the models has its own unique advantages, which we will discuss below.

Font for Vesuvius Street

If you want to buy a classic design barrel, Vesuvius is what you need. Designed for 4-6 people, it will easily fit even in a confined yard space. In addition to the bathing barrel, you can buy a bar shelf, a towel holder, lighting and an air massage unit – then the comfort from the spa procedures will be even higher. Also, thanks to the handrails and headrests, it is very convenient to enter the font.

Jacuzzi barrel Etna

Etna, a wood-fired hot tub, which you can buy in our catalog, will give you the true pleasure of hydromassage and air massage. The rectangular shape of the vat with dimensions of 200×170 cm and a depth of 100 cm will accommodate a large company – up to 8 people. Uniform heating of water due to a powerful boiler, the ability to turn on hydromassage or air massage, environmental friendliness and comfort – all this distinguishes the Etna model from other types of eco-fonts. In addition, you can buy a wood-fired font of this model in different configurations for your budget and wishes.

Heated vat Elbrus

If you want to buy an outdoor hot tub with a stylish design and reliable heating, the Elbrus octagonal vat is an excellent choice. It accommodates up to 8 people and provides warm water with air massage.

Additional accessories and high-quality filters will make it easy to care for such a hot tub, and the materials from which it is made are environmentally friendly and durable.

If you are looking for where to buy a hot tub in Ukraine at the best prices – our online store is at your service. We will help you find a quality hot tub and buy it on the most favorable terms.

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