“Vesuvio” woodfired hot tub

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    Vesuvio “FinSpa” woodfired spa pool is equipped with a 1.8-meter in diameter round bowl that can accommodate up to 6 adults at a time. The standard complete set includes: a composite hot tub, a covering made of pine lines, a woodfired heater 15 kW, a chimney with a protective cover, and steps for safe and comfortable entrance. Also the complete set provides a possibility of some additional options installation: lighting, aeromassage, thermocover and filtration.


    • Improve performance of the cardiovascular system
    • Stimulate function of kidneys
    • Protect the body from adverse factors and stress
    • Good prevention of U.R.I.
    • Affect weight loss
    • Rejuvenate the body
    • Cleanse the skin
    • Improve sleep

    Vesuvio font capacity

    Having decided to buy an analog of the Japanese furako bath, you can relax in it with a company of up to 6 people. At the same time, the design provides for everything for a comfortable location for the bathers. The bottom of the hot tub and the seating area is non-slip for safe bathing.

    What materials are a furaco font made of?

    The material from which the bowl is made is a multilayer composite. It is a modern, ecological material that does not cause rotting or rusting. Font cladding Vesuvio – natural wood (pine) protected from moisture. Also included are steps for safe entry/exit.

    Heating principle

    The uniqueness of the modern Japanese furako bath is its independence from electricity and its mobility. There are no more restrictions – a wood-fired hot tub can be transported by trailer or pickup to your favorite vacation spot, filled with water and heated with ordinary firewood. Electric heating is used as an alternative, for example, to maintain the temperature.

    If you want to order Vesuvio hot tub from us, you just need to call or leave a request on the website, where you can see all the hot tub prices. Directly at the time of order, you will be able to choose a suitable configuration, which determines the hot tub cost of products. We will always help you choose the right option individually for you and advise on all issues of interest.