Classification of hotels and hotels by types

Класифікація готелів за типами

The development of a travel culture has resulted in many different types of destination hotels . Now travelers can find a hotel for every taste, focusing on the level of service, available amenities and price. The classification of hotels by type is quite extensive, and then we will highlight the main and most popular types of hotels.

Ordinary hotel

This is the type of hotel familiar to most in the city, where you can rent a separate room with all amenities. In ordinary hotels it is possible to order breakfast, lunch or dinner in the room, and a common buffet is often provided. Bathrooms and toilets in such hotels are always separate for each room.


If you are an unpretentious traveler, and also want to save money, then a hostel will suit you. This is a hostel -type hotel with beds, where approximately 8-10 people are accommodated in one room. The bathroom and kitchen in hostels are most often shared by all guests. Hostel rooms can be:

  • mixed – for men and women;
  • “female” or “male” – for guests of the same sex;
  • single – for visitors who want to spend the night alone, but will use a shared bathroom and kitchen.

You can live in a hostel for as little as a few dollars a night. Moreover, the fewer people in the room, the higher the cost.


Many travelers prefer not to live in a standard hotel room, but to rent a separate apartment. Daily rent is quite expensive, but there is a more budgetary alternative – an apart-hotel. This is a type of hotel , in which instead of a room you will be offered a full-fledged apartment with a small kitchen. An apartment hotel is most often a separate building with apartments and reception on the ground floor.

Resort hotel

Such hotels are familiar to those who like to relax in resorts. Resort hotels often work on the all inclusive principle, when guests pay a fixed amount and receive a full range of services. In such hotels there is an open area for walking, gyms, swimming pools, cafes and restaurants – in a word, everything you need for a good rest.

SPA hotel

A separate place in the typology of hotels is occupied by SPA hotels . These are hotels that specialize in water treatments: bathing in vats, balneotherapy, spa massages. SPA-hotels are intended for rest and recovery, therefore they occupy an intermediate place between hotels and sanatoriums.

Other types of hotels

In fact, there are many more types of hotels, but not all of them are popular. Among other hotels, we highlight:

  • business hotels – hotels with everything necessary for negotiations, conferences and business meetings;
  • boutique hotels – small hotels with stylized rooms in a certain theme;
  • motels – roadside hotels;
  • guesthouses – houses with accommodation in the family, where the guest rents a room.

There are also more exotic types of hotels, such as lodges (hotels in Africa located in national parks), capsule hotels (with tiny rooms where there is only a bed) or botels (ship hotels).

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