Construction of a heated bath tub – what it consists of and how to use it

Конструкція банного чана з підігрівом - з чого складається і як використовувати

Water procedures in the fresh air are extremely useful at any time of the year. Their effectiveness increases especially with the onset of autumn cold and winter frosts. A sauna with a wooden surface contributes to healthy and creative recreation in the countryside.

What is a modern tub for a bath

The compact design will allow a small family or a friendly company to participate in outdoor water procedures. You will not need a lot of space for its arrangement. An autonomous purchase will last for tens of years, if simple maintenance rules are followed. A wood-fired composite vat consists of several basic elements:

  • whole bowls. It is tested for tightness and will keep it for the entire service life;
  • as an additional option – an insulating layer that covers the walls and floor. The received heat is retained, not wasted;
  • cladding It is made of solid oak or coniferous trees. In order for heat-resistant wood to last longer, it is treated with a special composition that protects it from the destructive effects of changes in humidity and temperature;
  • chimney with fungus;
  • drainage systems;
  • steps

It is convenient that the ecological and safe composite baptismal font is provided with a heating system or heating system. The water is heated by a 15-watt 30 kW wood-burning boiler.

What elements can be added to your bathing tank

The tank can be equipped with optional elements and accessories:

  • air massage;
  • bar shelf. On it, you should allocate some space for aromatic essential oils, healing mixtures of herbs;
  • hydromassage;
  • headrests;
  • illumination;
  • towel holder;
  • a summer cover that will protect the structure from heat and dust. The wood will not dry out, it will last longer;
  • skimmer filter. It will allow you to quickly clean the clogged water, filter it to transparency;
  • thermo lid. The heat coming from the heating boiler will not be wasted;
  • lift system for easy opening of the lid, so that using the tank is as comfortable as possible.

How to install the structure and maintain it

The tank is delivered assembled, which does not remove the basic installation requirements. It is possible to ennoble the platform so that the structure acquires a more aesthetic appearance and fits into the already thought-out design. The use of a platform allows you to raise the tank above the platform to the level that is more convenient. You can even set the level. It is worth thinking about a light canopy that covers from precipitation.

First of all, you should properly arrange the site for the bath tub. It should be level, paved with tiles or concrete/gravel.

The features of the installation are largely determined by the material from which the bowl is made.

A stainless steel stove with a protective casing and chimney is attached to the font. If it is installed on a solid stone base, then operation will not cause additional trouble.

If the tank is used often, you need to monitor the condition of the water in it. To prevent algae from growing in the warm season, you need to either change the water every 3-4 days, or order a filtration system for the tank. In winter, water is not left in the tank.

Wooden surfaces are treated with a special composition to prevent the formation of mold and preserve the beautiful texture of the wood.

A vat for a bath with wooden decoration is easy to install, easy to maintain and durable.

What are the benefits of buying?

Installation of a bath tub with wooden cladding will be evidence not only of a creative approach to the arrangement of a country plot. Such a purchase:

  • makes a great visual impression;
  • harmoniously fits into the landscape;
  • ecologically clean and safe.

It is important to use the healthy construction correctly. Wait until it warms up to 38-40 degrees. Even in cold weather, you won’t have time to freeze, because the stairs will also warm up.

And the open air space will eliminate the accumulation of carbon monoxide and provide an additional powerful healing effect.

Bathing in water over 40 degrees is not recommended, because each body is individual and general recommendations should be followed when using it for the first time.

Bathing in a vat with wooden decoration:

  • will allow you to relax, get rid of stress, normalize sleep;
  • strengthen immunity;
  • will put a barrier against colds;
  • will have a beneficial effect on blood circulation, the state of blood vessels;
  • cleanses the body, has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • helps to tolerate high temperature and evaporation more easily.

The amazing strengthening effect of the bath on health has been known for a long time. An analogue of the Carpathian wood-fired vats is the Japanese furako. Modern designs use the experience accumulated over the centuries. It is applied taking into account the possibilities provided by the latest technologies.

A creative combination of folk experience and modern materials allows you to get a lot of benefits: to equip a country plot in an original way, to have a great rest alone, with family or friends, to strengthen your health.

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