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The benefits of spa treatments for the body at any age have been known for a long time. Wood-burning vats, Roman baths – these and many other inventions of ancient people are actively used today in modern life. Naturally, man “modernized” and improved the useful inventions of his ancestors for greater comfort and personal convenience.

Today it is difficult to surprise anyone with a personal bath or sauna in the country or in a country house. At the same time, one can argue about the availability of procedures in them for a long time, because there are many medical restrictions that do not allow you to fully enjoy your vacation.

Young children, pregnant women, people with problems with high blood pressure, the cardiovascular system often simply cannot afford to expose the body to such “shock” loads in the form of high temperature and humidity.

Wood fired hot tub is the best solution

Meanwhile, there is a way out – these are unique fonts on ecological fuel. Using the latest technologies and developments, using the most modern materials, the company’s specialists have created a “sparing” version of the sauna or bath, which takes up a minimum of space and is installed in a couple of hours.

A wood-fired hot tub requires a flat area of ​​just a few square meters. You can mount it both outdoors and under a canopy, leading the chimney through the roof. For relaxation, you just need to fill the vat, made of modern composite, with water and make a fire using ordinary firewood.

By adding herbs and essential oils to the water, you can achieve a therapeutic effect. In addition, the company offers a complete set with hydromassage nozzles, which allow stimulating blood circulation and rejuvenating the body.

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