How SPA-hotels differ from ordinary hotels

Чим SPA-готелі відрізняються від звичайних готелів

What does the prefix “SPA” mean?

This is a healing method associated with water procedures. This category includes relaxation in a bath, hammam or sauna, hydromassage, bathing in a vat, and in general everything related to water and has a healing effect. Thus, the key difference between SPA-hotels and other hotels lies in their very name.

Interestingly, the word “SPA” is not an abbreviation. It comes from the name of the city of Spa in Belgium, which became known throughout Europe thanks to the sources of healing mineral water located on its territory.

SPA-hotels and hotels: what is the difference?

The concept of “hotel” is very multifaceted. This category includes all inclusive hotels, motels, and even hostels. Some of them mean something more than just the opportunity to spend the night, but each hotel has its own specifics.

Wellness water treatments are waiting for you in the SPA-hotel. It can be a small building or a whole hotel complex with a swimming pool, sauna, heated tub and massage rooms. Often such hotels are opened in regions where there are thermal or mineral springs. Water from these sources is used for health procedures.

But do not confuse a SPA-hotel with a sanatorium complex. SPA is relaxation with a healing effect. Sanatoriums also offer medical procedures. That is, if you want to relax and improve your health, book a room in a spa hotel. If you need rehabilitation or treatment, then it is better to go to the sanatorium complex.

Advantages of SPA hotels

Let’s single out several key advantages of SPA hotels over ordinary hotels:

  • Rest. SPA hotels are equipped in such a way as to provide complete relaxation for visitors.
  • Recovery. The effectiveness of water procedures has been scientifically proven. They help in the fight against stress and insomnia, strengthen  the musculoskeletal system, improve the functioning of the immune system.
  • Professional approach. Spa hotels usually employ professionals with appropriate qualifications (for example, massage therapists) who know how to achieve the best healing effect.

In addition, to relax in a spa hotel, you do not always need to spend a lot of money – now there are many similar offers for any budget. And it is not necessary to stay at the SPA for several weeks! A couple of days of rest in such a hotel will help you improve your health and replenish resources.

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