Ofuro and furako are traditional Japanese baths

Офуро та фурако – традиційна японська лазня

Ukrainian banna culture is constantly developing and enriched with new traditions. Of course, the complex epidemiological situation makes its adjustments. Today, a Japanese barrel bath installed in the backyard is in fashion. In this article, we will tell you what it is, how to choose and where to buy a similar product.

Japanese bath: ofuro or furako?

The Land of the Rising Sun is famous for its respect for tradition in all aspects. It is quite logical that the “bath business” has developed into a real ritual, which bears little resemblance to the hot sauna we are used to. According to the official version, the Japanese furako and ofuro baths were born because of the reluctance to use soap made from animal raw materials for washing. It’s all about the ethics of Zen Buddhism, where it is believed that every living being has a soul that goes through a chain of rebirths before reaching nirvana.

This is how the Japanese barrel for bathing appeared, filled with warm (not very hot) water. And the ritual of visiting the shower with the scraping of all excess with the help of sea sponges. The second “bath” option is an ofuro – a rectangular box made of hard and fragrant cedar wood, filled with wet sawdust or hot pebbles. In private houses, you can find different variations on this theme – rarely anyone can afford a full-fledged bath complex. It is customary to use a round font with heated water.

In public spaces, cents are usually used. This word refers to a complex of bathhouses and procedures. It is often located near the temple, so washing is also associated with spiritual practices that are difficult for Europeans to understand. Japanese doctors discovered a long time ago that regular bathing in a Japanese bath has a beneficial effect on health:

  • sleep is harmonized;
  • kidney function is normalized;
  • potency and libido increase;
  • the frequency of colds decreases;
  • the skin is smoothed and lightened;
  • the body is rejuvenated and loses extra pounds;
  • the work of the heart is normalized.

A real Japanese purchase in Ukraine almost never happens. Usually, the words sento, ofuro and furake mean a simple street buying place. In the domestic culture, it is sometimes called the Carpathian tank. Furako and ofuro are Japanese baths with complex rituals and many accessories. It will be very difficult to fully organize such a space here, and not very rational. Our mentality is European, so hourly tea parties with contemplation of stones with short ablutions for 5-10 minutes are more suitable for the Asian temperament.

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