The benefits of spa treatments after exercising in the gym

Користь від SPA-процедур після занять у тренажерному залі

Physical activity is fraught with the formation of lactic acid and muscle pain. The discomfort of krepatura is equally familiar to beginners and professionals. But if the former prefer to simply endure discomfort, then experienced athletes actively use “bath” procedures. Today, every serious fitness club has a SPA center where you can recover after exercise. In addition to the traditional sauna, a barrel bath with a font is also popular. This is a softer, but “deep” way to relax the muscle frame. We will tell you how to equip such a zone on your backyard or on the terrace near the house.

Wood-fired spa – post-workout rehabilitation and powerful recovery

Muscle tissue after exercising in the gym accumulates a large amount of lactic acid and other toxic products of human metabolism. To avoid pain and low mood the next day – they need to be removed from the body. After strength training, many use the traditional sauna at the fitness center. She does her job well. But after cardio, such a procedure can be dangerous to the health of even a young and trained athlete.

Hot tub-bath has a much milder effect on the tissues of the body and the cardiovascular system. But it should be used after cardio training in several sets of 10-15 minutes, without sitting up for a long time at once. To replenish the deficiency of minerals, you can use isotonics. In any case, drinking plenty of water will be beneficial for such a “bath detox”. In addition to the rehabilitation effect, the spa font will help to cope with other problems:

  • increase the overall tone of the body;
  • harmonizes the work of the excretory system;
  • help to overcome stress more easily;
  • increase libido in men and women;
  • improve sleep (especially in terms of falling asleep).

The coronavirus pandemic is making adjustments to the usual routine of training and bathing and rehabilitation procedures. Now many are trying to equip a small fitness club in their own home. A font with a wood-burning stove will fit into such a project just perfectly. A small  Japanese bath ofuro-furako ,  a Carpathian tub  or a barrel bath – whatever this design is called, it is available to everyone. At FinSpa you can buy three models of different shapes and sizes. Home SPA will become another factor in recovery and physical development, as well as an occasion to gather for a sincere friendly party. FinSpa gives a ten-year warranty, can send the font by New mail and help with self-assembly. In the composite more often, you can additionally install hydro- and aeromassage, water filtration, LED-backlight.

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