The Truth About the Wood-Fired Hot Tub: Benefits for Good Health (Part 2)

Вся правда про дров’яну гідромасажну ванну: переваги та ризики для доброго здоров’я (частина 2)

How else regular use of a wood-fired hot tub can help your health, see further in the article.

Lowering blood sugar

Warm water raises your body temperature, which helps lower blood pressure and increases your heart rate. So it’s a great way to get some exercise (heart health exercises) and relax at the same time.

Great option for family time

A wood-fired hot tub is a pleasant and rewarding vacation with the family, when you have fun without being distracted by mobile phones, TV and the Internet. The large wood-burning hot tubs are perfect for kids’ and adults’ parties.

We remind you that children should be supervised by adults not only during water procedures, but also while playing near the wood-fired font, as wet grass and other slippery surfaces can cause injuries.

What are the health risks

In fact, there is not a wide range of prohibitions against using a wood-burning hot tub; However, there are some wise recommendations to be mentioned:

  • it is not recommended to visit the wood-burning hot tub during pregnancy (especially in the second trimester) and during breastfeeding;
  • in acute inflammatory diseases (body temperature 37.5 and above);
  • with bleeding of various types (including during menstruation);
  • with severe heart disease.

You can see the best range of hot tubs with a wood burning stove in our catalog. We will help you choose the most convenient option for a wood-fired jacuzzi with seats, hydromassage and other accessories that will allow you to take wellness treatments in a comfortable environment.

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