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“Vesuvio” woodfired hot tub – new emotions and benefits for the body

How to diversify your vacation in the country, weekend getaway or cottage? What to do if you’re already “bored” of traditional saunas or baths? What to do if doctors simply do not recommend serious loads for the cardiovascular system, but you still want to “sweat out a little”?

We present to your attention a unique system for relaxation, which can be installed both outdoors and on your terrace. If you have ever visited a day spa, we do not need to explain you what a hot tub is.

An inexpensive Spa pool, which is run on a natural source – firewood, will be a great solution. The Vesuvio hot tub by “FinSpa” company is a unique technology and an environmental friendly material that protect your health.

Characteristics of “Vesuvio” woodfired hot tub

The hot tub is a round bowl, made out of a special composite material. Its diameter is 1.8 meters, which allows you to accommodate comfortably up to 4-6 people of standard constitution.

The design of a hot tub is simple enough and includes:

  • composite tank (tub);
  • outer shell is made of pine;
  • outer woodfired heater 15kW;
  • by-pass chimney equipped with a protective cover;
  • steps with non-slip covering.

If the standard set is not enough for you, you can always order additional options, for example underwater Led-lighting, aeromassage nozzles, insulating covers and filtration systems.

Why should you buy a woodfired hot tub? The advantages of this solution are obvious and the opinions of many experts are the same. Such rest helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, promotes a real relax and relieves any symptoms of stress.

The urogenital system is better, the immunity is improved, and the circulatory system is strengthened. Oxygen supply improvement has a beneficial effect on the condition of skin, rejuvenating it. In addition, the hot tub is recommended for those people, who are “struggling” with excess weight – after several treatments you will notice serious changes.