“Vesuvius” wood-burning bath – new emotions and benefits for the body

Купіль на дровах “Везувій” – нові емоції та користь для організму 1

How to diversify your vacation in the country, in a country house or cottage? What to do if traditional saunas or baths have already “eaten through”? What to do if the doctors simply do not recommend serious loads for the cardiovascular system, but you still want to “steam”?

We present to your attention a unique system for relaxation and relaxation, which can be installed both under the open sky on the street and under a canopy. If you’ve ever been to a spa, you don’t need to explain what a bath is.

An inexpensive Spa pool that works on a natural source – wood, will be an excellent solution. The Vesuvius bath from the FinSpa company is unique technology and ecological materials that stand guard over your health.

Features of the “Vesuvius” wood-burning font

The cupola is a round bowl covered with a special composite material. The diameter is 1.8 meters, which allows you to comfortably accommodate up to 4-6 people of standard build.

The design of the font is quite simple and includes:

  • composite tank (barrel);
  • cladding from pine panels;
  • external wood-burning boiler with a capacity of 15 kW;
  • outlet chimney equipped with a protective cover;
  • steps with anti-slip coating.

If the standard equipment is not enough for you, you can always order additional options in the form of built-in underwater LED lighting, hydromassage nozzles, a cover to preserve heat, and a filtration system.

Why should you buy a wood burning stove? The advantages of such a decision are obvious, and the opinions of many experts here agree. Such a rest helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, helps to really relax and relieve any symptoms of stress.

The work of the kidney system is stimulated, immunity improves, and the circulatory system is strengthened. Saturation of the body with oxygen has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, rejuvenating it. In addition, the purchase is recommended for those who “struggle” with excess weight – after several procedures, you will notice serious changes.

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