What material is ideal for a heated font

Який матеріал ідеальний для купелі з підігрівом

Today, heated baths are offered from a wide variety of materials. The main element is wood of various species. Common options are tubs made of oak material, larch, cedar or flounder trees.

It should be understood that, despite a number of advantages and useful properties of the above materials, they are not a “universal” solution.

In other words, you will have to choose not only the place of installation of the font, but also the seasonality of its use.

Various temperature and humidity parameters of the environment play a huge role. The use of underfloor heating systems, the possibility of using the font in the most severe frosts outside, and other factors must be taken into account when choosing a material.

In addition, inexpensive variants of wooden baptismal font are characterized by low quality of related materials. Glue, impregnation, varnishes in such structures are inexpensive, so after a couple of seasons your heated swimming pool will require extraordinary maintenance or even expensive repairs.

What shall I do

Any problem has its own solution, and in the case of baptismal font, the best material option is a special Finnish thermal wood. This is a modern high-tech product, the quality and durability of which are at the highest level.

Such material undergoes special steam treatment at high temperature, while no chemicals are used. Its properties and operating characteristics allow you to use the font in any conditions, both indoors and outdoors.

High and low humidity, heat and frost, any type of substrate – there are no “unsuitable” operating conditions for thermal wood. Natural Finnish wood, which grows in ecologically clean regions of Finland, is used as the main raw material for production.

Main advantages

The main advantages of the material are:

  • comfort and convenience in everyday use;
  • complete safety and environmental friendliness;
  • the possibility of installing a font outside and inside the premises;
  • resistance to drying and swelling;
  • resistance to the formation and growth of mold and fungus.

An important factor is the ideal aesthetics of the appearance: high-quality wooden cladding advantageously emphasizes the advantages of your font. In addition, it requires minimal care and maintenance, while having a maximum service life.

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