What to choose: a wood-burning bath or a SPA pool?

Що вибрати: купіль на дровах або SPA-басейн

Many owners of private homes who have decided to purchase a wood-burning hot tub for personal use are often tormented by the question: how do these same hot tubs differ from well-known and familiar SPA pools or jacuzzis?

It should be understood that modern SPA pools have long been in high demand in the USA and some European countries, while wood-burning hot tubs are more popular in Canada, Finland, Sweden, and Norway. What are their similarities and are there any differences? What to choose for personal use?

Expert opinion

Both one and the second option, in principle, have quite a few differences. Hot tubs and spa pools are used in the same conditions, can be installed indoors and outdoors, tolerate any external influences well.

They are installed quite quickly, unlike standard stationary pools, and have approximately the same service life, which is about 25 years with proper care and maintenance. The bowl in both versions is whole without seams – this is quite important for comfort and reliability.

Both the fountain and the spa pool can be equipped with special thermal covers to maintain the water temperature. Hydromassage systems, which used to be installed exclusively on jacuzzis, are now also installed on standard wood-burning bathtubs.

Key differences

The main difference is the presence of external wooden cladding made of thermal wood in the wood-burning font. The special material provides additional strength of the structure, and also provides excellent aesthetics of the appearance.

Baths are always equipped with stairs for convenient use, while in spa complexes you will have to purchase this accessory additionally. External heating is used as a source of heat in the font, and an electric heater is used in the jacuzzi.

With a large volume of water, energy costs can be quite significant. In the event of any damage, the repair cost is much higher in SPA pools. Care and maintenance is easier with fountains – this is noted by many users and experts.


With many similar parameters and characteristics, fountains and jacuzzis are “related” structures. The dome is chosen because of its excellent aesthetics, ergonomics and ease of use.

The spa pool is most often used indoors, as it requires significant conservation efforts before the winter season. In addition, it is worth understanding that its cost is often higher than that of a similar font: if you do not want to spend extra money while getting the same functions, a wood-fired font will be a better choice.

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